Lima Veneers and Implants

Periodontal Therapy

When we examine your teeth, one of the areas we look at is the health of the periodontal tissues (gums) in your mouth.  The health of your periodontium (gums) is not only important to the retention of your teeth but recent studies are showing that it can have an affect on your overall health. Research is showing links between untreated periodontal disease and heart/vascular disease.  So, keeping your gums healthy may also keep the rest of your body healthy! 

How it's done

The area(s) that are in need of treatment are numbed up.  Your practitioner, usually your hygienist, will use various instruments to clean the tooth surface under the gum line.  One instrument that is often used in periodontal treatment is an ultrasonic hand-piece.  Not only does this instrument clean the tooth surface but it also washes out any debris and kills bacteria present.  At the end of treatment you will be instructed on how to maintain healthy gums at home and we will set up a more frequent cleaning schedule for you.